P08 Luger


Áchtung — Zee P08 Pistole! 1918 Erfurt Luger, rearsenal marking, replaced/renumbered sideplate, otherwise matching (even the grips!) sans the mag- Karl


  1. They’re uniquely sexy guns, but waaaaaay too fiddly for my taste. To me, the Luger is sort of the Porsche of the pistol world–Looks great, high performance when they work, stone bitch to work on, and requires the services of a specialist to ever get the most out of them.

    That said, the biggest miss I ever had in my life with regards to a weapons purchase was my shot at buying 5 sequentially numbered pre-WWII commercial Lugers that had been somehow sequestered away in a German government storage facility from the late 1930s until the mid-seventies. German gunsmith of my acquaintance had bought these pistols on spec from some source, and then the German law changed so he couldn’t sell them. He hung on to them until he wanted to retire in the mid-eighties, and discovered that he could legally sell them to a GI for export. I found out, sent off to the ATF with a letter, as we did back then, and they promptly replied that since they’d been in German government custody within ten years, I could not legally bring them back in as an individual. So, I abandoned that idea, and I presume that the pistols got turned in for destruction, as they were not legal for sale in Germany.

    Later, I discovered through the services of an honest-to-God BATF agent Luger enthusiast that I could have legally brought those pistols back in, and had been given the wrong information from whoever wrote that letter back to me. Dude was apoplectic, too–Imagine five sequential mint-condition pre-WWII commercial Lugers with all the fixin’s, and what they’d have been worth. When I told him they’d probably been destroyed, he was almost frothing at the mouth. Weirdest damn thing–That guy was career BATF, and he loathed the agency and everyone in it, but still worked for them.


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