Kalashnikov unveils ‘gadget shotgun’ with built-in computer and video camera


More vaporware from Russia.

The stylish semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun is dubbed the ‘MP-155 Ultima’

The Kalashnikov group, which produces the AK-47 assault rifle, has unveiled its hipster ‘gadget gun’ aimed at Gen Z customers who can’t bear to be without tech.

The semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun, dubbed the ‘MP-155 Ultima’, has a built-in HD video camera and computer to teach its users how to shoot.

The futuristic weapon, with a stylish composite body and an external display, can record your every move and transmit the information to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  

Speaking on Tuesday, the group’s director said it was planning to market the new gadget-packed weapon to hipsters and young people. 



  1. So you show up on the first day of duck season, fire up the computer and get a message that you’ve been hacked, and the ransom is five bitcoins…

  2. First flaw in their plan is that hipsters buy skinny jeans, soy lattes, big horn rimmed glasses, old fashioned bicycles, glasses of Chardonnay and all sorts of other unmanly shit like that. One thing they would never ever buy is a shotgun

    I’m the complete opposite of a hipster and I wouldn’t buy that damn thing either.


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