Browning X-Point Defense Personal Defense Ammo


Arnold, Mo., (February 8, 2021) – Browning® X-Point™ Defense provides The Best There Is™ in personal defense handgun ammunition technology.

The most recognizable feature of X-Point Defense is its distinctive hollow-point bullet design, which contains an X-shaped shield in the nose of the bullet. The X guards the hollow point from becoming obstructed with material upon impact to ensure positive bullet expansion. The unique design also makes for rapid energy transfer.

Add to this a nickel-plated brass shell case for repeatable, reliable functioning in a wide variety of handguns.

X-Point Defense ammunition is available in loadings for five of the most popular defense calibers from 380 Auto to 10mm Auto and in bullet weights from 95 to 230 grains. 

When the situation is critical, the X-Point Defense is the technology you want. Look for Browning X-Point Defense handgun ammunition in 20-round boxes at a retailer or dealer near you.


  1. First Winchester Hex Rounds, now this.

    It’s almost as though someone had shopped the idea around, one company bought it, and the other decided it was enough of a good idea that they would do it just different enough so as to not get sued.

    It happens a lot in Hollywood – remember A Bug’s Life and Ants? Despicable Me and Megamind?


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