Lend-Lease Thompson Submachine Gun & Accessories


A thread that linked to another thread turned up this neat post over at USmilitariaforum.

During WW2 the United States sent thousands of Thompson submachine guns to Russia under the Lend Lease program. A few years ago thousands of Thompsons (1928A1’s, M1’s and M1A1’s) were found in Russia in their original shipping crates. Each Thompson was accompanied by a complete set of accessories which included five magazines, a five cell magazine pouch with pistol belt, an oiler and a set of cleaning equipment. Most of these guns and accessories were wrapped in the original waxed paper in their original cases. A few were re-blued and re-numbered. I have seen several stories written about where the guns were found. One of the stories says they were found in a salt cave in the Ukraine along with U.S. machine guns, carbines , pistols, Tanks and Jeeps. Others claim they were found in warehouses in Russia. Many of these Thompson parts sets with accessories were imported into the United States. When I saw the Russian Lend-Lease Thompsons and accessories I bought a group of them and put them together with documentation. I bought a set from Don Bell at Omega. When I explained to Mr. Bell what I was putting together he was kind enough to take pictures of the Thompson I bought with the accessories and the original packing case. He also included a signed note explaining where everything came from. Here is an unmarked five cell mag pouch (most of the magazine pouches were unmarked) that will stay unmarked. The belt was marked US but has no makers marking. The original oiler and brass cleaning rod are included. The gun, cut up receiver and parts are AO with all parts shown in their proper places.



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