Trump’s 25 Accomplishments & The State Of Things


Well. What can I say about Trump’s 4 years in office coming to an end? I didn’t plan on saying anything about it until I saw the level of depression setting in. First lets take a look at a list I ran across earlier of Trump’s biggest accomplishments. Which I will have my own opinions on..

Those things did get done. I would debate a few on being positive though. Trump’s biggest accomplishment is exposing the corruption to the low info voter and average slack jawed moron. He exposed the RINOs in a big way. Best part was clinton lost. Then again, he didn’t “lock her up” That promise was broken on election night.

He didn’t start another war. That is a big one. He did however force through an egregious 2nd amendment violation. “The 8 year assault on your 2nd amendment is over” Well, that was bullshit wasn’t it. Yes the NRA was just as guilty in that part.

I could give less than a shit about all the things he did for Israel. He spent too much effort pandering to them. Remind me. Which wars has the US been in that “our greatest ally ” had troops fighting alongside ours?

Space Force? Seriously?

Priority funding for black colleges. Wow. Thank God, huh?

I guess the now hilariously large national dept didn’t make the top 25. That’s probably 26 or the honorable mentions page.

The next four years are going to be pretty awful. No doubt more countries will be bombed and more wars started. All of us are already labelled the same way the Gov labels ISIS. Of course, we will go back to non-stop attempts to ban everything down to sling shots. Taxes will go up as the economy collapses. I’m 80 percent sure a boog will happen within 2 years and meanwhile the GOP will be worse than useless as they attempt to get the swamp back to its comfortable level.

Don’t care anymore. About 7 years ago I stopped letting those sub-creatures in DC have any impact on my life or happiness. I do what I want. The only authority they have over your life is only as much as you give them. Realize that using the goyim opinion box every 2-4 years is pointless. The ruling class is not going to let you decide how the country is run. I could be even more honest and tell you that unless you are already retired , then retirement in your future is apipe dream. I will skip that one though.

Get it through your head. There is no more voting to correct the ship. Ruling class despises us. You on your own. No one is coming to help. It is up to you.


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