Stag Arms ReBrands And Moves to Wyoming


Stag Arms is proud to unveil our new Cheyenne, Wyoming marked receivers complete with a new Stag logo and branding. We commemorate our big move to the great American west with an equally bold update to our classic logo.

“The new logo reflects the direction our team is taking the company; bold, modern and aggressive. This is the new Stag Arms.” Said Chad Larsen, President of Stag Arms. “With the closing of our Connecticut facility in 2020 we ended a chapter in our company’s story. The move to Wyoming has allowed us to write a new chapter and refocus our efforts on building high quality American-made rifles that will serve our customers for life.”

Fans of Freedom, Stag Arms and Wyoming can now purchase a complete Rifle or Pistol with the Cheyenne roll-mark and new logo at or at your favorite Stag Arms Dealer.



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