Patmos Arms Judah 26

That is not blemishes in the finish, just lint and dust. Wiping it down mainly just moved the dust and lint around.

I feel rather bad because I haven’t been actively writing. Especially in a time when there is so much to write about. Atlas, I use the excuse that work has been keeping me busy. I’ve been promoted, extra duties and responsibilities with out any extra pay.

The barrel is marked “9X19 – 26” The 26 must mean model designation.

But something happened today I just had to write about. I received a package in the mail, containing a Patmos Arms Judah 26 complete slide.

Underside of the slide looks like a G26 slide, but the firing pin safety is missing. Running a probe along the underside of the slide, there is the faintest hint of a burr on the edge of the hole.

Now here is the catch. I didn’t order this. Nor am I expect any sort of writers demo or the like. Came completely by surprise.

I checked my credit cards to make sure there wasn’t any fraudulent activity. Nope.

The place that sent me this slide lists it at $269.99 for a complete slide, or $149.99 for just the stripped slide.

This must be karma. Since I have been so very good. I haven’t even kicked any toddlers in a whole week 6 days.

Sights look like factory glock sights, minus the white dot and outline. There is a black dot on the front sight. The black dot on black sight does not show up as well in person as it did in this photo.

Listings for this slide state that is it CNC machined from bar stock, made from one piece of “purified” metal. 4140 heat treated steel, nitride coated. Etc, etc.

Aside from the missing parts, I don’t see anything that would make me think it wouldn’t work. Glock brand parts certainly don’t have a monopoly on reliability. Conversely, you wouldn’t truly know it will work well with out testing it. Same applies to any gun.

Extractor with Loaded Chamber Indicator installed. Newer angled style extractor (as opposed to the early 90 degree extractors).

I was curious about the lack of a firing pin safety. I attempted to removed the back plate to check the firing pin/striker and other parts, but it did not want to come off easily, and I decided not to try and force it apart.

Muzzle has larger chamfers to aid in holstering.

I went ahead and sent the company that name was on the packaging a big thank you for this gift. A letter of my appreciation of how wonderful they are to send out gifts like this.

After looking at the packaging again I immediately realized what likely happened. In the main packaging, this slide was wrapped up in some bubble wrap with someone’s address on it. They must have bought it, realized it was incomplete (missing the firing pin safety), and contacted this company. Said company provided them a return shipping label. Where they made a mistake and put on my address for the shipping.

So this company gave some random guy out there my address, and I have theirs. I don’t like that aspect of this story.

I fully expect the company is going to send me a shipping label and ask for me to send it back, and I will, but I figured I’d share some pics of it with you while I have it.



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