APC & VA Battle Buddies Cuck Out For Virginia Lobby Day 2021


Well, there you have it. How much money have they raised in the last year?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to a number of factors, as an organization neither the American Pioneer Corps, the Virginia Battle Buddies, nor their subordinate elements are attending the “Lobby Day” on 18 January 2021. Even prior to the events which occurred the 6th of January in DC, we were planning an alternate event for the 18th due to a relatively negative cost/benefit ratio for this year as opposed to last. Recently our leadership has become aware of some information which has led us to determine that our resources (both tangible and intangible) are better focused elsewhere than Richmond in the immediate future. We encourage all of you, and our participants, to make your own decisions whether or not you will travel to Richmond on the 18th. Let reason and your moral conscience be your guide. It has been an emotionally difficult decision not to attend, but as leaders we must make decisions focused on the effects that we desire to achieve – based on experience and reason. If winning is our goal, we have no room for emotionally based decisions.

For our Constitution and our Nation,



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