Officer Who Shot & Killed Woman At Capitol Placed On Leave, Faces Internal Probe


Nearly 24 hours have passed since yesterday’s chaos on Capitol Hill, which left one individual dead from a gunshot wound, and three others dead from unrelated medical emergencies on the Capitol grounds, and finally the Capitol Police have published a statement.

In it, Chief of Police Steven Sund denounced the thousands of demonstrators who later participated in the storming of the Capitol as criminals, condemning their “criminally riotous behavior.”

Though the demonstrators were determined to cause “great damage,” Sund said, the officer – who was not named – responsible for shooting and killing a demonstrator named Ashli Babbitt has been placed on administrative leave. Their police powers have been suspended “pending the outcome of a joint Metropolitan Police and USCP investigation.


  1. Hope this story never goes away. What I have seen from LEO in the last three days… They have zero friends with the Antifa BLm crowd Democrats calling for cops to be defunded. Now with every LEO knowing that, they turn on Mega crowd like rabid dogs.. The only friends they did have they took a dump on them.


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