Marine Model Luger

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We call it a Navy Luger, the Germans called it a Marine Model, but it’s the seafaring version of Georg Luger’s iconic pistol and it comes with a 5.9” barrel versus the standard 3.9” of a Luger P08. The Navy Luger was based on the P04, which was updated with a coil mainspring to the P06, which in turn was improved as the P08. None of these “improvements” came close to what pistolsmith John Martz does to a Luger. He installs his patented Martz Safe Toggle Release and then goes over the entire pistol to restore it to pristine, mint condition with nitre blue front sight and correct straw finish of the trigger. His grips are definitely not military grade! This one duplicates a commercial version of the Navy Luger, which would have been sold cased like this in the leading Berlin gun shops. The pistol was chambered for .30 Luger, later offered in 9mm Luger, which is nothing more than a .30 Luger case without the neck.


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