Man Cuts off His Own… uh. Just Read it.


Let’s start 2021 off right!

A man cut off his penis on Wednesday and reportedly threw it in a toilet at his Staten Island apartment, police and sources said.

How is that for an opener?

The 50-year-old man’s roommate called police at about 11:45 a.m. and told them that the man had cut his own arm, law enforcement sources said.

Officers responding to an apartment on Main Street in Tottenville found the man with a wound to his right arm, which he said was self-inflicted, according to sources.

The man later told EMTs that he cut off his penis and discarded it in an upstairs toilet, sources said.

First responders confirmed the man’s genitals were gone and investigators found a massive amount of blood inside the second-floor bathroom, according to sources.I bet they did.

Medical workers also discovered one of the man’s testicles was cut off, sources said. Man that guy went nuts!

The man told police he is bipolar and schizophrenic. He added that he has been without his medication for several months, sources said. Yea, I don’t think anyone needed him to explain that to them after that move.

It is not clear if his genitalia were found.

We will stay on this story and update as soon as the genitals are found.


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