This story is just nuts!

NEW YORK (WCBS-TV) — Some people living in a Queens neighborhood are afraid to leave their homes. That’s because there have been several aggressive squirrel attacks over the last few weeks, WCBS-TV’s Hazel Sanchez reported Tuesday.

Micheline Frederick is still bruised. Her bite wounds are healing after she was attacked by a squirrel one week ago. “You hear someone has been bitten by a squirrel, you’re like ‘Okay, you got a little nib, what’s the deal?’ But this was … this was an MMA cage match! And I lost!” Frederick said.

She said the squirrel, totally unprovoked, went after her as she stood on the front stoop of her Rego Park home.

(Photo: Micheline Frederick))

“We’re wrestling in the snow and there’s blood everywhere and my fingers getting chewed and it won’t let go,” Frederick said. “Eventually, it just stopped and there I was a big bloody mess.”

A security camera image shows the squirrel latched on to her left hand. Several of Frederick’s neighbors have also been terrorized by the raging rodent, including Vinati Singh’s family. They were recording the squirrel on their mailbox when it pounced.

“These squirrels are aggressively going after people,” Singh said.

She said one has gone after her husband twice.

“He basically grabbed onto the plastic bag that I had, tried to climb up my leg. I was able to shoo them off. That was the first time. The second time was right here when I tried to get in,” he said.

Last week, Licia Wang said she was walking up to her home on 65th Drive, when a squirrel jumped on her back

(Photo: Micheline Frederick)

“I was screaming! Crazy!” Wang said.

The victims said they’ve called the city for help. The Department of Health said it advised them to hire a state licensed trapper, which they have, but so far the traps remain empty. Of course they pass it off to some one else.

“I’m a little surprised that the city is not taking it a little more seriously considering how many people have been attacked,” Singh said. No word on if the attacking rodent was wearing a mask.

She said she is still getting treated for rabies as a precaution, adding this is a good reminder that although squirrels are cute, they’re still wild animals. Thank you for the tip city living Yankee.


  1. These people are created in the image of God, born heirs to Adam’s kingship over creation, and they can’t handle *squirrels*?

    Do they not own shovels? Broomsticks? Stranglin’ thumbs?

    The brain is the most important self-defense tool. Mindset, mindset, mindset.

  2. And here in the Southwest, we also refer them as “those cute little plague carriers.”

    A neighborhood bounty of $5/squirrel and some kids with Ruger 10/22s, or even pellet guns, would address this problem.

    But, NYC, so specifically no guns, more generally no gun-like objects, and broadly, the average resident wants someone to take care of all their problems.

  3. They want to be domesticated animals, basically.

    The people, not the squirrels. Can’t believe I really need add that, for clarity’s sake, but… This is 2020, soon to be 2021.

  4. Little critters like that can be a pain with how fast they are. I can picture 1 or 2 attacks by catching people off guard expecting them to be friendly but multiples? come on now.
    Although it is New York so not so surprising.


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