The Anealeez


My pal who is a Class 3 dealer and shoots a lot of belt fed machine guns has a lot of brass to reload for those guns. One of the things he got to make life a helluva lot easier is this slick machine. You can see in the video how it works. It feeds cases and anneals them just like it says. You set the speed and the thing does the rest off of propane. Very simple to use. Adjustable for any case.


  1. I use something similar to anneal/soften .22 cases for swaging out into bullet jackets and then bullets. Alas, there is no way to make it autofeed the little boogers so that’s me hunched over the machine to place and pluck them off the little posts I made.

    These gizmos will get some extra life out of your brass and are some slick set ups. Holding onto your brass will probably be more important in the coming years. The case head still gets work hardened and not a lot to be done about it.


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