Teen died during a game of Russian roulette


I am sure that after reading this a short bit, you are going to come to the same correct conclusion I did before you even get to the bottom.

A Michigan teen fatally shot himself during a game of Russian roulette, police said.

Gee that is tragic. I wonder if it was a 13 year old who didn’t know any better?

The victim — identified in local reports as a 17-year-old who attended Bentley High School — was found unresponsive at a home in Burton on Oct. 24, but police finally announced the cause of death this week.

“After interviews and the collection of evidence, it was determined that some occupants of the house were playing Russian roulette,” Burton police said in a statement. “The victim suffered a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

Officers found several stolen items during a search of the home where the teen was shot — and investigators believe some of its occupants committed several burglaries and thefts nearby. Some of the stolen items have been recovered and returned to their owners, police said.

Yo dawg, considering no mention of the deceased’s race was made, I wonder what demographic this group of “teens” belonged to.

Detectives working the case submitted their findings to Genesee County prosecutors on Nov. 18 for consideration of criminal charges, department officials said.

Cops did not identify the dead teen, but MLive.com cited his obituary indicating that he attended Bentley High School and “loved football and basketball,” which he regularly played with his younger sister and brother.

He was a perfect sweet angle that never would have done anything wrong,and he was looking forward to going to Harvard after finishing his Honors classes in High School”

“[He] enjoyed making videos with his older sister and was a great brother,” the teen’s obit continued. Aspiring rapper.




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