The A Shau Valley, Vietnam


The two pictures above are a view of the A Shua Valley in Vietnam, You can see Rt. 548 and bomb craters from numerous Arc Light strike. An Arc Light was the term for air bombing via the use of the strategic B-52 bombers. The bombers could have up to 120 + of the 500 pound bombs. With 3 or more B-52s per formation. The valley run north/south along the border with Laos and was a natural point for infiltration across the border by PAVN forces an was the spring point of offensives. The valley being a common haunt of the communist forces resulted in much fighting in the area, in particular the mountain ridges that dominated the valley. The battle of “hamburger hill” being one of the more famous ones. After US troop withdrawal from RVN, the PAVN forces no longer bothered to hide the HCM trail and ran openly through the valley.


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