Some More Colt 1911s from friends, Part 4


I didn’t think we would hit a part 4 of this but here we are.

Below you can see Brady’s MK IV Series 70 Colt Gold Cup National Match. He carried this every day for an awfully long time before retiring it off to carry a sub-combat 1911.

It is a very sweet shooter. Of course it had some light custom touches to it over the many years.

Just for fun, below is Brady’s dog Ginger.

Below are the 1911s of Justin, who you may recall is a friend of the site that helps with more complex projects and is a long time friend of mine.

Above is Justin’s XSE that I sold him a long time ago. You can see I had added a few things to it. The mag well, and a better rear sight. This is one of the older XSEs before the front and rear sights got updated with Novaks from the factory.

Above is Justin’s Gold Cup Trophy. A very nice factory target gun. Below is his Delta Elite. No self respecting 1911 man would not have a 10MM Colt in his safe.

Below, is not really a 1911 but it does look like one. Not really a colt either. But the suppressor helps make it better. Justin got this one years ago and uses it for his suppressed rimfire shooting. I Assume this rimfire works fine since he has never complained to me about any problems with function. I have not shot it or had any personal experience with these rimfires.



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