Protesters Attempt To Enter Oregon State Capitol Building Monday


A follow up t the goings on from Oregon yesterday as “right wing extremists” stirred it up at the state capital.

Will there be a time when we all look back at a little event in Oregon while attention was diverted to a massive pork bill as the start of Probably not , but a man can dream.

Oregonians fed up with anti-lockdown and coronavirus restrictions attacked the Oregon Capitol building Monday as they tried to gain access during a special session. 

Anti-lockdown protestors broke glass doors at the Capitol building as they attempted to gain access to the building. They were briefly engaged in a standoff with Oregon State Police and Salem Police Department officers.

More than one hundred people attended the “far-right “Patriot Prayer group’s six-hour rally. At least four people were arrested for unlawful behavior. 

“We’re standing up for our constitutional rights to be here for this legislative hearing and for our rights to reopen the state of Oregon,” Crystal Wagner told USA Today. “Why are they having a legislative hearing without the people? We are the people, we are the taxpayers. We’re here to fight for our democracy.”

At one point, police unleashed rounds of tear gas at protesters to deter them from entering the Capitol building

“We accomplished two very important things … We put the fear of God in the citizens of our state. They know we’re not messing around anymore,” protester David Klaus told the crowd



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