Mandatory Vaccinations



  1. But the COVID vaccine is being developed by Our Greatest Ally/The Chosen People. We can totally trust them, right?

    They probably WILL make this vaccine mandatory, and if they do, not a single person who posts these edgy memes about violently resisting it will do a damn thing about it. The system has ways of forcing compliance – financial pressure via the private sector primarily. Want to travel, work in any office building, visit a hospital, etc??? Better show proof of vaccination.
    Muh private company their house their rules libertarianism is how they get you conservatives to go along with it. Note also that there is no such thing as a free market, nor a private company. The distinction between public and private only exists in the abstract, not in the real world.

      • I don’t wish this vaccine upon anyone here. My point is that let’s not fool ourselves as to what is happening and what will happen. The first step towards stopping what is clearly going on (not just COVID stuff, but everything from trannies getting access to children to non-stop demographic replacement policies, etc) is to figure out what/whom is the source of the problem.

        • Unfortunately,the source of the problem in the end is….,well…..,us.

          We as a nation need to pull our heads out of our asses and say NO.

          We may need to get very creative in how we say NO if NO is not enuff.

          • Speak for yourself.
            And you can say NO, but they don’t ask. They didn’t ask nor care when the public said NO to desegregation, allowing mixed race marriages, and mass immigration.
            They actually pointed rifles and bayonets at the backs of schoolchildren to ensure compliance (the 101st Airborne Division pointed their guns at the backs of white schoolchildren to force them to go to schools with blacks).
            This government is not yours, it’s (((theirs))).

      • They can’t mandate that you get the vaccination against your will. I don’t care what authority the government does have by law…or what authority they think (or wish) they had…injecting a foreign substance into an unwilling persons body is crossing a line. It is akin to rape. When it comes down to strangers coming to a Citizens home and trying to inject them with God knows what…I think any reasonably intelligent person knows how that is going to turn out.

          • Hmmmmm…..,me boss seems pretty cool,great thing about being self employed!

            Why work anyhow with the “great reset” and UBI?

        • Easier said than done.
          At the end of the day, all that matters is what a judge says, the intel apparatus that has sexual/child rape blackmail on said judge, and whether armed men with badges follow the judges orders.
          Constitutions, laws, etc. are just words on paper ultimately. Action is the only thing that matters in the real world.
          Most (99.99999999999999%) of people aren’t going to resist authority when it combines physical, economic and social coercion.

          • I hope you’re right but I’ll believe it when I see it. Talk is cheap.
            Americans (and most of the rest of the world to be fair) think that because their distant forefathers fought off tyranny (actual tyranny – Central Europeans that removed parasitical outsiders who bled their nations dry weren’t tyrants by the way) that they can magically turn that switch back on and do it tomorrow. It doesn’t work like that. The tools available to said parasitical tyrants today are more comprehensive, sophisticated, subtle and effective. They can (and will) revert to force when they feel it’s necessary.
            See what they did to Huey Long, JFK, the Weavers, etc. for proof of that.

            “WOULD” —> would have, could have, should have.

  2. Sure, it will not be officially mandatory, but it will be impossible to travel without immunisation or 10 days quarantine, for example. You theoretically have a choice. Visiting hospital? Going to the office? It will be hard to avoid it, unless you are a hermit.

    • Exactly.
      And since the poison of individualism/libertarianism has been promoted as the only allowable alternative to all this, the only reaction such a neutered ideology gives is “build your own hospital/airline/office building”, etc.
      Notice that all the libertarian heavyweights are…………….of a particular tribe. Rothbard, “Rand” (Rosenbaum), Caplan, Friedman. ((())), all of them. Yet all these supposed individualists and libertarians have no problem with the extremely collective (and actually fascist) state of Israel.

      In the sport of life/politics/war, teamwork ALWAYS beats unorganized uncoordinated individuals.


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