Some Friends Colt 1911s (Part 3)


Boy, was the first two parts of this installment fun. Seems readers enjoyed it enough for me to justify carrying this over to a part 3.

Above is another one of my 1911s. But I bet you are more interested in my pet coyote pup that it is laying beside. Yes I caught and raised a coyote in 2008. It’s a long entertaining story I will tell some other time. The Colt is a MK IV Series 80 Enhanced. This was the gun that the XSE evolved from.

This Colt Commander and the pistol below belongs to friend of the website, personal friend and HMFWIC of, Stuart Palmer. It’s a 1992 series 80 LW Commander with a pair of the classic,vintage Herrett grips that used to be the hot thing back in the 80s.

Above is Stu’s 1933 Colt. Not really a national match though. Its a standard gov model built up as a tribute to the superb pre war NM. It has a Kart barrel. Harrison sights and a couple of other features that would give it away as not being an authentic NM. Very Bourgeoisie.

The above Colt Gold Cup belongs to an old friend. You can see it has had some light customization done to it. Wilson combat safety and slide stop and beaver tail and a S&A beveled well with arched MSH. This is the gun that SHOULD have been my friend’s first 1911. But he was talked into buying the Springfield Armory version of the gold cup by a mutual friend in the late 90s. And because the SA was cheaper, he fell for it despite my loud and frequent protests and warnings not to. The SA failed every change it got and was sent back to SA at least 3 times to be fixed. It never was. Finally he traded the piece of shit SA off to this and has never had a problem.

The gun below is another first 1911 for another old friend. This one is a 1991A1 bought for him by his Dad in the late 90s. Not everyone was using Colt 1911s since age 7 like myself. But, its never too late to convert and stand in God’s light.

The gun has been lightly customized with ambi-safeties and extended slide stop. This is the same fellow who owns the original Combat Elite.

The Colt Combat Unit rail gun belongs to Brent of TheColtAR15Resource and he is about as bad at cutting off parts of the subject when taking a picture as my Grandmother was. The CCU rail gun uses the same frame as the M45A1 MARSOC 1911 and not the older rail gun. Besides that you can see it has some extras that make it closer to custom production, like the front strap checkering.

Below is another one of Brent’s 1911s. This one is part of a limited run done up for his unit for its time in the ForeverWars. Brent tells me Colt won’t do this kind of thing anymore which is a shame.

This last one belongs to friend of the website Ann-Marie. You have seen some of her bullseye guns posted here in the past. This is a very fine Service Model Ace with a set of custom wood competition grips. I’m jealous.


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