Flex Tac High Fashion Chest Rig


I know just the guy who this is perfect for.

Like “flex on the poors” as the kids say these days? Strutting around in Crye multicam pants and 10,000 dollars worth of NODS not enough for you anymore? Well good news!

Made of fabric with the premium fashion brand marking your girlfriend tries to browbeat you into buying for her, it’s still a fightin’ rig at heart: made with Duraflex and ITW compatible buckles, nylon webbing and threads, it’s designed to interface with most industry standard plate carriers. Basically, this baby’s just as at home in a conflict zone as any Parisian runway, but that’s just being redundant.

Flex Micro Chest Rig, made for your ultimate flexing needs.
every pattern comes with fully printed velcro in the respective pattern.
Uses Duraflex and ITW compatible buckles, nylon webbing and threads.
fit into most current industry standard plate carriers.

Packcage include:

1x Micro Chest Rig Chassis W/ “H” Harness and 1′ waist strap

2x Left & Right Wingman Pouch
1x Lower Abdomen Utility Pouch

1x 3 Cell 556 Elastic Insert
1x 2 Cell 9mm Insert

Estimated Lead Time: 3 Weeks from Production Start


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