The ZEV Technologies Z365 Octane


Monday December 7th, 2020

Centralia, WA – ZEV Technologies formally announced the launch of their new Octane Z365 gun mod. The new Z365 and Z320’s are an official collaboration between ZEV and Sig Sauer®. ZEV’s P365 offerings include PRO Barrel, Combat Sights, and the optics ready Octane slide.

According to Tom Taylor, SIG SAUER Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales “We’re excited about this collaboration between SIG SAUER and ZEV. The design of the Z365 is excellent, making it a high-performance carry gun.”


  1. I don’t get it. My P365 lays down groups of 2″ at 50 feet, shooting offhand (bullseye style). The sights are OK as night sights go. The barrel and slide are certainly working OK.

    Where’s the win on these custom mods?


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