Russia Unveils New “Drone Killing” Tank


Russia has revealed the Derivatsiya-PVO self-propelled anti-aircraft gun that will “create a shield from a hail of projectiles that burst with shrapnel in the air, forming an impenetrable barrier against enemy drones,” according to Russia Beyond

Russia Beyond said the Derivatsiya is based on the BPM-3 infantry fighting vehicle. It has an AU-220M automatic weapon station that fires up to 120 artillery shells per minute. 

“Its ammunition kit includes remotely detonated and guided projectiles, which means that anti-aircraft gunners can fire a shell and detonate it with a single keystroke during the flight, or adjust its path to track the enemy’s movements,” a Russian military-industrial complex source told Russia Beyond. 

Derivatsiya was designed to knock out small UAVs that fly several hundred meters above the ground. 

“Drones have become the scourge of our army in the Middle East, and not only ours. Militants make remote-controlled ‘helicopters’ from improvised means, attach bombs to them, then dispatch a whole flock of ‘suicide bombers’ to blow up expensive air-defense systems or tanks and helicopters. Basically, any equipment that costs millions of dollars,” said the expert.

He added that Derivatsiya was developed to lower the cost per round in combating these new threats on the modern battlefield. 

“It is to save money and equipment on destroying these buzzing bomb-laden irritants that Derivatsiya is being developed,” he said.

The proliferation of small drones on the modern battlefield also led the US Navy to recently “revive” anti-aircraft flak rounds used in World War II for its current warships to combat small drone threats. 



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