Coming Soon to GunBroker – Automatic Sales Tax Collection

550 wants to let you know where we are heading with certain changes to the website. These are a combination of changes that are in progress and changes we are considering making. Some are currently under development. Others are in the early planning stages.

We will update this page with information as we continue our planning and development process. Don’t forget to learn about the changes we make in every release by reviewing the Release Notes section of the Support Site. You can view Product News and Updates here:

Recent Releases and Under Development

  • GunBroker Pay Auto Payment – Pay your Fees with GunBroker Pay and receive a discount on your payment. Learn more here:
  • Updates to Order Grid – We are in the process of updating the order grid to include more information in less space. We will also color code status information and allow for the visible data to expand and collapse for easier viewing.
  • Cash Discount / Credit Card Fee Name Standardization– We will be standardizing this name to Credit Card Fee. The site uses different name in different places so to make things clear, we will standardize on Credit Card Fee.
  • Internet Sales Tax – will begin collecting sales tax as a marketplace facilitator
  • New Online Listing Process – We are in the process of creating a new, responsive listing page that makes greater use of item defaults, allows for easier picture loading and working with standard text all in one place.
  • Improved Credit Request Process – Changes to simplify and accelerate the credit request process are coming.

Items being Discussed or Defined

  • Require a picture for all listings
  • Using the first picture as the thumbnail and not allowing a separate image
  • Requiring the first picture be specifically of the item for sale
  • Better display of shipping costs to make shipping comparisons easier for buyers.
  • Require an FFL to be selected upon check out.
  • Adding the ability for a Seller logo and business description in order to brand their listings better.
  • Supporting rich text descriptions so it is easier to format listing details.

 Questions or concerns about the above should be directed to Thank you.


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