Jim CLark Custom M1911


From SuperVel Ammunition

Wadcutter guns were popular when NRA bullseye was the dominant handgun shooting sport, in the 1950s and ‘60s. One of the events was “any centerfire” for which a lot of guys shot a .38 Spl. with 148 gr. Hollow Base Wad Cutters (HBWC) seated flush with the case mouth to feed in a 1911 (or S&W M-52).

One of the top pistolsmiths specializing in these accurized wadcutter guns was Jim Clark of Louisiana. Jim was a Marine Corps veteran of World War II, fighting in the Pacific Theater where he distinguished himself with not only his courage under fire, but also his marksmanship with an M1 Garand. In one long-range engagement across a canyon, other Marines just kept handing Jim their en bloc clips of ammo because he had the range dialed in and was dropping Japs one after another. Give the ammo to the guy who can shoot!

Jim built my first “serious” IPSC pistol, a Bowling Pin Model on an Essex frame with a Colt slide. In one of my worst decisions ever, I sold it as it was “only an Essex” and I wanted one of the new Plaxco comps, so away went the Clark. I’ve regretted it ever since. That pistol had Jim’s trademark “tiger tooth” stippling on the front strap, like this wadcutter gun. It was superb for a non-slip grip, but it was only good for strong-hand, the “teeth” going the wrong direction for weak-hand. This pistol is a 6-inch long slide with a BoMar rib. The rib added recoil-dampening weight.


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