Range Report


Went plinking today.

I have been working on 3D printing 40mm projectiles. I wanted to test a 3D printed pusher, and someone asked me to try zinc stearate as an alternative to colored chalk dust. I took a video, I’ll have that posted up some other time. I’ll talk about the results then.

My 100% infil pusher fired just fine, but did not break on impact. Might have been the angle of impact, or the projectile might just be light enough that it is less likely to break. Here is the recovered projectile next to a standard pusher.

This printed projectile had a narrower diameter to fit in a printed case, so I used a little blue painters tape to make it a snug fit in the standard cases. That is what is all torn up at the base.

It shows some damage from being fired, but not much.

I had my KAC/Larue bastard SR25 out. While I really like the Nightforce ACTAR 1-8X, that 1 MOAish center dot makes it harder for shooting groups. After tweaking the zero a bit, I finally decided I was going to use the top edge of the reticle for my 100 yard zero.

The center dot is .35 mils, which makes it about 1.2 inches in diameter at 100 yards. I initially was trying to shoot at 3/4 inch dots, and trying to center on a dot I was completely covering was somewhat hard for me.

Using the top edge of the dot will let me see what I am shooting at when I shoot at 100 yards, and should make the tip of the post my 200 yard point of aim.

I fired a few rounds from the B&T APC9k, then headed out. Didn’t stay too long, as it was kinda cold out.


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