Alabama man injured after gun explodes in freak accident at range


Megan Harman says her dad, Chris, was with family at the Firing Pin in Opelika when the gun he was shooting exploded in his face in a freak accident.

“He’s on his way to Birmingham now for them to try and save his left eye,” said Harman.

The accident happened just after Harman’s mom shot her Taurus 380. She had loaded the clip and fired six rounds when the last one jammed. She removed the clip and got the bullet out. Harman says her dad shot the gun next. The family recalls Chris loaded the clip and had fired three times when the gun exploded, and Chris went down.

Chris is on his way from the hospital via ambulance for surgery at a Birmingham eye clinic. He has blow out fractures in his left orbit, and the family is praying doctors can save his eye. The family is scared but very thankful Chris was wearing safety glasses when the explosion or the injuries could have been much more severe.


  1. If the doctors manage to save his eye, the family will thank the doctor (lightly) then make massive donations to their church in thanks to their “god”, and give a standup in church about how “God” saved his eye. If the doctor doesn’t save his eye, they will say “God needed him to suffer” and thank him for that, or “God will use this event for positive outcome in his life”. If he dies a miserable death from infection or complications, they will say “God needed another angel in heaven”. This is how we play tennis without the net.


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