B&T Tactical Sling


A little while back I was thinking about what sling I should use for my APC9k. I was looking at my pile of slings and while some would have worked fine, none really fit the bill. So I went online and started reading about what slings people were using for SMG and compact pistol calibre carbines.

A variety of slings were talked about, and in the discussion of the B&T guns people said they just used the B&T sling. I looked it up, many places sell it for about $100. Ain’t no way I’m paying that for a sling.

Saw someone say they used the sling that came with their gun. Huh, mine didn’t come with a sling.

Or so I thought, I went back into the packaging and sure enough, there was a sling.

I certainly wouldn’t order this sling for $100, but since I already paid for it(with the gun), I figured I’d use it. When I took a closer look, the sling included with the gun is not the same as their expensive one, but I’m not about to buy their expensive sling, so I’m using this.

It is a simple single point sling. You have a single loop that goes over your head and shoulder. There is a QD buckle for quickly removing the sling. It has extra material and a M buckle so you can adjust the length of the sling.

There is also a little slider so that you can adjust the size of the loop. You can put the sling around your torso, then slide this slider to your torso so that the strap going to the gun stays narrow.

The APC9k comes with a piece of parachute cord looped around the rear sling mount. You attach the HK style snap hook to this cord. This saves wear on the hook and the sling loop.

In my time in the Corps, I saw many a HK style hook used on a SAW sling fail. Twice, I saw where the metal hook wearing on the sling loop end up cutting though the sling loop.

That led me to not have much confidence in HK style sling hooks. But, the SAW is about 17 pounds. The HK style sling loop works just fine on these much smaller and lighter guns.

Is it the perfect sling, no. Are there better slings, yes. But this sling comes in the price of a B&T and it works, so I’m going to use it. The narrow strap does start to dig into your shoulder when you are wearing the gun for a long period of time. A single point sling does allow the gun to flop about a lot when you are moving with out a hand on the firearm. But that is less of an issue with these smaller guns.

You do have to keep paying attention to the muzzle, as it is easier to have the muzzle of these small firearms point at your self then on larger guns.

It works well enough, and I already got it. It’s going to stay on this gun.


  1. I wonder if you could put a loop-side Velcro on the gun, and a hook-side Velcro on your shirt or belt and stick the gun to you as a way to supplement the single-point sling.


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