Review: True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter


Some pointless back story, feel free to skip.

Some time back I had a Springfield 1911 GI model. It was alright. I decided I was going to sell it and buy a nicer 1911. I knew I was going to get a nicer 1911, so I sold my Springfield knowing that I would replace it soon.

Took a couple of years before I actually got a replacement, a Colt M45A1. Around that time I decided I wanted to get a good holster setup for it for range use. I grew to like the idea of having a warbelt with a modular holster platform so I could swap holsters for what ever gun I was running. A holster for the Glock, a holster for a 1911, what ever other lesser guns I feel like using, etc.

Yea. Still haven’t done that yet. Still wanna do it. Also, never sell something unless you have its’ replacement in hand.

It is said that if Safariland doesn’t make a holster for it, you shouldn’t carry it. There is some truth to that.

Whoops, guess more exposition ahead, skip ahead more if you just the review.

That said, I am not a fan of Safariland. The few times I’ve tried to buy direct from them, they either didn’t have the item in stock, or told me they wouldn’t sell that to the public.

Are you Airforce or Military?

What the Safariland rep on the phone asked me. Awesome way to slight the Airforce. +1 to Safariland for that.

Why Safariland? Why won’t you sell me a damned holster?

Personally though, my favorite holster is from Tom Kelly at DarkStarGear. Check them out if you are looking for a holster.

But, I was surfing the web and I found a surplus Safariland M45A1 holster with drop leg attachment for a reasonable price, so I bought it. Somehow, I managed to not take any photos of it, so I found a picture online. It looked like this:

Picture from random ebay ad.

But the drop leg is slow to don and doff, and puts the pistol lower than I would prefer. This one had the Safariland quick detachment, so the butt of the pistol was about 4 inches away from my side. Might have been ok if I was a wild west gunslinger, but the handgun was banging against the walls of my home when I walked around.

Then I learned of the True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter.

Actual review starts here:

I learned of the True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter online. I saw this picture and decided that is what I wanted.

I saw this and I wanted it. The holster setup, not the guy’s ass. Just to be clear.

So I went ahead and ordered me one.

Price is $75, which I felt was really high for a piece of metal with some holes and slots in it. But after I bit, I thought about it and decided that a nicely machined piece of anodized metal that would fit a niche I wanted for years was worth it.

Packaging was nice. Sealed ziplock style bag, so even after you opened it you could reseal it.

Packaging is excellent. The parts needed for various configurations are placed in different colored bags, and clear instructions are on the packaging. This feels like the packaging of a premium product.

The Safariland dropleg holster put the gun lower than I wanted, and required using a leg strap which I didn’t want to use. This adaptor appears that it would allow for mounting the holster at a similar height if you really wanted to.

For the price, I had assumed it was machined alumnium. Nope, waterjet.

Now something being waterjet isn’t a bad thing, if done right. Waterjet cutting a part is a cheaper and faster manufacturing process. But. . . Waterjetting tends to leave tapered holes. You have to account for this. True North Concepts didn’t. The narrow end of the tapered holes wouldn’t get the bolts pass though. I had to open up the holes in order to mount the holster adapter and the belt/MOLLE loops.

Then to make it even better, the slots in the adaptor wouldn’t align with the quick detach holster mount. After much fiddling with it, I was able to find a single sweet spot where everything lined up well enough to attach it.

When it finally came together, I thought it was going to work oh so well.

But no, I found on the belt I was using, when I attempted to draw from the holster, the whole deal would just pivot up at the belt. The belt I have is fairly stiff, but I guess is still loose enough that the entire section of it can just twist when I attempt to draw the 1911.

I can’t blame the design for that, it is the belt’s fault, but that is still a disapointment.

So overall I am rather disappointed. I still haven’t accomplished what I set out to do, and the tapered holes and misalignment of the cheaply made part would lead me to not recommend this product.


  1. Even with a stiff shank (or UBL, DFA or shroud, in Safariland terms), something about the relative length and thinness of full sized 1911s can make them bind a bit during the drawstroke from a Safariland 6004/6280 SLS holster or even the ALS holsters. I think that it winds up torqueing in the holster in a way that a chunkier pistol wouldn’t; a Glock in a Safariland holster is basically rattling around a bucket…

    As odd as it sounds, trying tucking your elbow in close to the body during presentations, and your drawstroke should smooth out and the pistol won’t bind (as often). Something I figured out carrying these for several years.

  2. That’s a lot of frustration. Especially the belt part. I’ve done that when trying out new holsters dry firing. Drives me up the wall. I’ve been using a g-code for my 1911 and have. Been pretty happy with it.

  3. My Dad, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Combat in all three, used to ask the same question to USAF guys to their faces if they said they were in the military. Hated USAF for the crap they gave the Army for arming air craft, and for the AF for removing fixed wing transport aircraft like the Caribou and Buffalo. Additionally, I no longer carry professionally, but I am old enough to prefer leather.

  4. Hey Howard, thanks for the review of the MHA! You got one of the early ones, we have since improved upon the design significantly. The new MHAs are fully CNC’d and we also opened up the tolerances on all the mounting holes. Please reach out to us, we’d love to send you a new unit to try out.

    -Nate Murr
    CEO True North Concepts, LLC.


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