Playing with the Colt Accurize Rifle CR6724 over the weekend


I don’t have much of a point with this post. I was out trying some loads I ran across in an old issue of Precision Shooting. Writer Jerry Stordahl has/had a Colt Accurized Rifle and listed some of his loads in the article. He used Winchester 748 and some 60gr. V-MAX bullets to shoot some tiny groups. Did not work in my gun. I played with the charge up and down and changed to nosler ballsitic tips and couldn’t replicate his success at all.

If you are a hand loader you will know that sometimes this can rattle your confidence a little when things that should work, don’t work. So I busted out my own loads of 69 grains Sierra HPBTs with 26.5 grains of Varget and shot a 20 round group at 150 yards just to reaffirm that everything is still right in my personal universe.

I have no idea why the picture is so big

You will notice in the picture above I am using the little adapter that Howard made a couple years ago. It lets you attack a flat block to a picatinny rail to shoot off the bags easier. I have no idea how I ever lived without this thing.

The other thing Is the lower doesn’t have the usual Magpul PRS stock on it. That’s because I swapped lowers with my MK12. I did this because I wanted to shoot the load work ups with the SSA trigger I have in my MK12. The Colt trigger in the gun is a good trigger but it’s just not SSA good when you are trying to shoot the smallest groups possible.

If this gun is new to you, read more about it in the links below.


  1. That’s some nice shooting. I nearly always shoot big groups. A lot of guys fire tiny 3 round groups and call their gun a tack driver. Then they shoot another tiny 3 round group in a different place, and so on. Overlaid, the little groups add up to 3-4 moa.

    That being said, I don’t worry about groups so much in my hunting rifles. My 6.5 Swede has a light barrel which is good for schlepping up mountains where the deer and boar are. The groups expand pretty quickly as it warms up, but the cold barrel shot *always* goes in the same spot which is what matters to me because I don’t shoot groups at game. 20 cold barrel shots from that rifle would make one little ragged hole at 100m but I don’t really care. Getting that accurate first shot is the thing in the field.

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