Jim Hoag Colt Longslide


From Pistol_Purview

Colt longslide “gun by committee.” The slide was made by master Jim Hoag, using a new GI Colt National Match slide. Hoag was the master of welding two slides together. His welding and machining skills were leagues ahead of anyone else at the time…maybe even now. After all, if someone wants a 6” slide now, they simply just buy one. John Miller of Marietta Ohio, a former US Army MTU armorer, fit the slide and a very scarce Smith & Wesson 6 inch NM barrel to a Colt 70 series frame. Of interest is the fact that Hoag made the front sight wider to mate perfectly with the Bomar rear .125 notch, for a perfect target site picture. Also the trigger guard was not squared in the traditional manner, but rather was done at an angle to match the angle of the grip frame. In the late 1970s and early 1980s 1911 long slide pistols were all the rage, that is until comp guns made the scene. This is a very special gun, made by legends, for a legend. I’m honored to be it’s steward.



  1. Beautiful.
    OT another Glock with the fun switch turned up in Santa Rosa when the cops stopped a drunk driver.
    Loaded with a 30 round magazine.
    That’s two, so far.
    I am beginning to suspect that violent criminals aren’t law abiding…


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