Ruger 10/22 Charger Lite Takedown (4935) First Impressions


I picked up a Ruger 10/22 Charger. I had kinda wanted one for a while, and after looking into the cost to rebarrel and put a new trigger in my 10/22 rifle I decided I’d just pick up a Charger.

I splurged and got the takedown model. I’m not sure if this was the right choice, but I like the idea of being able to easily, and toollessly change barrels. So, if some time later, I wanted a shorter barrel, or a 16 inch match barrel, I could switch between them.

Often, online, I’ve seen people lament the new plastic trigger group housings. But I don’t recall every seeing a story of one breaking. The trigger in this Charger is much, much better than the one in my 10/22 rifle. Not great by any means, but not absolutely awful like my old 10/22.

I took my Leupold 3-9x off my old 10/22 and threw it on this rifle. Much to my dismay, I had to max out the elevation adjustment in order to get this gun to be point of aim, point of impact at 25 yards.

I was shooting some old Remington “golden bullet” bulk pack. After the first couple of rounds were fired, when I got the gun zeroed at 25 yards. I fired three rounds touching. I was rather happy until my next group. The rest of the groups today were rather lack luster.

This model comes with the type of extended mag release I like, but the magwell of this charger is tight. The mags don’t easily drop out, and I struggled to insert the old 25 round Butlercreek mags I have. I gave up on trying to use them.

My previous experiences with UTG products have left me thinking very little of them. I tried to keep an open mind when I use the UTG bipod that came with the Charger, but even when I first took it out of the packaging the finish was shoddy and damaged.

But to be fair, it does what it is suppose to do, it works as a bipod. But I quickly decided I’d rather shoot the charger off a rest.

Anyways, I enjoyed shooting it, but I realized I’d like it better with a brace. I need to figure out why the elevation adjustment is maxed out. Shooting it silenced was nice, but the barrel is long enough to make the bulk pack ammo super sonic so this was noticeable louder than a suppressed short barrel .22 pistol.

I ended up just unloading the Butlercreek mags. They didn’t even want to seat correctly in the Charger’s tight magwell.

7 inch can with a 10 inch barrel still made for a larger gun.


I like it.
I want more mags.
I want a mag loader
It is silly that the 15 round mag is 3 times the size of the 10 round mag, but only slightly smaller than a 25 round mag. Would rather have three 10 round mags or a 25 round mag.
I’d like to have a shorter barrel for silencer use, maybe 4.5 inches or so.
I’d like to have a railed forend for use with a bipod and or laser for plinking.
A brace would really help with consistent head placement with the scope.


    • Why would I need a SR-22?
      No scope mount, no capability to add a stock or brace, limited to 10 round capacity. That is just another .22 pistol. The MKIV would be a better suppressor host.

  1. Hey the sites different. I hate it!
    Is UTG a legit bargain brand or is it trash? I can never tell. Always assumed it was junk but then occasionally see something that makes me think maybe I’m wrong. Only thing of there’s I have is a rifle bag.

    • My experience with UTG is that it tends to be trash. Seen UTG rails break from being fired from a rest, UTG Scopes break during zeroing, etc.
      I read that they were an Airsoft company that decided to market to gun owners.
      I’m sure there are probably items in their vast line up that work fine, but my experience has been very negative.
      That said, this bipod of theirs is a funky design, but appears that it would work just fine for light duty use.

      • Makes sense. I mean how hard is it to make a bipod? I think one of my gun bags is mage by them and it’s been nice but another one of those things that’s pretty hard to mess up.

    • My limited experience is similar to Howard’s. If it doesn’t mount to the gun (e.g.bag) I’ve had decent luck with their stuff. If it mounts on the gun and has no moving parts, e.g. a riser for a red dot, it might be okay. If it mounts on the gun and has moving parts, I’ll generally pass.

  2. If you shorten the barrel too much on a Charger 10/22, it can affect reliability…so beware. You may NOT actually want a 4.5″ barrel.
    Why not take some 220 grit sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood, and shave down your Butler mags just a bit in the part that is inserted into the Charger? Your photos makes it appear the molding is a bit rough on those Butler mags…

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