Surfing for Dolphins


Quick one.

Some time after I got to Quanitco, armpit of the marine corps, I had to check in with PMO. PMO is an acronym for an organized group of buddy fuckers.

I can’t recall why we had to check in with PMO, never checked out with them.

Anyways, at the front desk, there was this really old guy, who was a private.

Now I don’t mean military old, as in 30, I mean real people old, like in grey haired retiree.

So I asked around what the story was. I got told that this guy was drafted for Vietnam, and went AWOL. Finally years later he wants to draw social security, but can’t. So he turns him self in. The punishment he got was being forced to serve out the rest of his enlistment. So that is why we had this geriatric private working the front desk at the police station.

I heard he later got promoted to PFC. Good for him.


  1. That’s an interesting story. What—does the .gov think they own you???

    I enjoy these stories, but must have missed why you call it surfing with dolphins.

    • There is a really stupid story I remember which is why I used that name.
      I had an idea before I started that I would title each story with an unrelated line or quote. Then I’d explain it in the next one. So first one would be Surfing for Dolphins, and the next one would be named “KILL BODIES” and it would end with the surfing for dolphins story. Etc.
      Yea, but that would be too much work, and I doubt I could think of more than a few lines like that.


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