“The adults are In Charge now”



  1. When they say “republicans” they mean Whites.
    But don’t think for a second that the GOP doesn’t want Whites dead too. Both parties of the system belong to the same masters (and those masters ain’t White, catch my drift?).

    • are you a fed or are you just trying to get our entire fucking website demonetized? I get that you are frustrated and angry but don’t get out of hand to the point you fuck this up for people who work every day to provide content to the reader at no cost. turn it down a notch or two or get more subtle and clever about what you want to say.

      • Nope, not a fed.
        Are you suggesting that pointing out Anti-Whiteness is the OBVIOUS agenda behind all these things (BLM, Antifa, both parties’ donors and thus their platforms, Internet censorship via the private sector/ADL, etc) would get one demonetized??? It must be those CHINESE COMMUNISTS at it again!!!!! Which is obviously why it’s OK to be Anti-China, since those diabolical Chinese are allowing criticism of China but not criticism of a certain other race’s/tribe’s power and manipulation (the tribe to which Epstein, Wexner, “Maxwell” and their handlers belong to – the ummmmmmmmmmmmmm uuuhhhhhhh “Globalists”………… yeaaahhh, that’s it, … “Globalists”……).
        Yep, makes sense.

        • yes, ranting about these topics like a maniac in public comments is fed like and yes ranting about ((them)) non stop will get the site demonetized by google. so take it back a notch and stop fucking with our source of income or fuck off. no one here is your enemy and I don’t want to start deleting your comments but I will if you dont calm down a bit

          • It is ironic that virtually every single muh 1776/Constitution/Founding Fathers/freedoms/Muricah person who LARPs about going full retard “watering the tree of liberty” is the FIRST to put their precious monetized website before any other consideration.

            I do like most of the content of this site, but people’s eyes have to be opened to the underlying cause. Otherwise it’s just chasing shadows with both hands tied behind the back and while blindfolded.

          • then start your own fucking site and go preach it on the mountain. since you seem to be so ardent that you dont care about other people’s livilhood, I wonder how willing you are to post your full name and where you work to prove how hardcore you are about your beliefs. And not just spurging out on some one else’s decades worth of work and effort. Stop lurping as an anon culture warrior and tell us who you are and where you work and put your money where your mouth is. Or just calm your tits down a notch or two and read the site.


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