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Near the end of boot camp, and after, I heard the story of “Gay India”.

But first, an aside. This is a story that is going around the web. Claim is that it is from a marine recruiter.

Gotta love safety briefs

In boot camp, I was in Lima company.

There were comments about “Gay India”. After I graduated, my curiosity peaked and I enquired about why it was called that.

Story goes that a couple of recruits in India company decide they can’t take it, and want to be processed out. So they have someone send one of them a camera, and during the night, they go into the bathroom and snap photos of each other with the other recruits dick in their mouth.

They turn the photos over to the command and inform the command that they are gay and should be processed out.

Now here is where the story takes a twist I didn’t expect. Some higher up sits down with these two recruits, chats with them, asks them if it is really so bad. And then they change their mind and choose to stay.

So two guys, stuck someone else’s dick in their mouth to try to get kicked out, and ended up staying in anyways.


In the military there are these things called “reenlistment codes”. There are good and bad codes and the code is listed on the long form of your DD214.

I have the good reenlistment code due to the lazy incompetence of my units career planner. My MOS, 0311, was full and I was at least were suppose to get some code that was slightly lesser than would mean to only call us back should we be absolutely needed. Might have even gotten a worse code, I don’t know.

When I went to EAS, I had to check out with the career planner. That stupid lazy fuck wouldn’t listen to me when I went to talk to him, and tried to get me to leave. I needed him to sign my discharge check out sheet and paperwork, so I wouldn’t leave. I think he mistakenly thought I was checking into to the unit, so he just signed it, and I filled out the rest.

After my paperwork was processed, and I had a day or two left before I was to leave, this guy tracks me down and is livid. He has a handful of paperwork he is insisting that I fill out and so on. I tell this staff nco that he fucked up and he needs to fuck off.

Fucker was too lazy to even argue with me about it.

ANYWAYS, there is a point to this story.

RE codes are suppose to be a military only thing, and you are suppose to use your short form version of the DD214 when you are outside the military. But many companies know about RE codes and want to know the potential hire’s RE code to see if they had issues.

So there are RE codes for bad attitude, failure to adjust, weight problems, etc, etc. There are also all sorts of old RE codes that have been depreciated.

When I was in, one time my peers and I were talking about RE codes and we looked up a list. There are all sorts of old, depreciated code. A code that says you can’t reenlist cause your dead. Other codes for if you are pregnant, sexual perversion, drug use, etc. There was even a code for being a minority.

Turns out there were old RE codes from when the military processed people out for being gay.

There is one list online that has at least 15 different RE codes for being gay.

Back during this discussion we found out there was an old a RE code for “Homosexuality 1st Degree”. There is also a code for “Homosexuality 2nd Degree”.

That led us to wondering, “what the hell does that mean?” Is one suppose to be worse than another? Is it signifying the pitcher or receiver? Why would anyone care?

We never found out the answer to those questions. Don’t think any of us cared enough to find out.


  1. RE: 1st and 2nd degree; Something about the right way, the wrong way, and the Army way?

    I guess that wouldn’t work for USMC, though, would it?

      • Well then again maybe not so different after all.

        I had to laugh at your kerfuffle with the reenlistment NCO; I had something similar happen with the one I had to go see to get processed out. He said, why on earth would you want to get out? I said, well, it’s not in our best interest to go into that, just please initial the little box and we can save each other some time. Of course he was an E-7 and just wasn’t gonna take no from an E-5 so I reminded him that he started it, and proceeded to let him have it, long, wide, deep and continuous. Politely, though. Oddly enough there were no repercussions. I kinda felt bad about it later. This guy was not ever going to be able to change my mind and he was just doing his job, so I should have just sat there til he ran out of steam and checked the little box and let me go, instead of taking things out on him. But maybe it helped the next guy in line, who knows?

  2. Life as a Marine recruiter sucks ass. Not only are you recruiting for the Marines, but you’re responsible for the recruit until he graduates boot camp successfully. If he washes out, you lose him for counting towards your quotas.

    Where I was a recruiter for the Army, the Marines had it so bad it wasn’t even funny. We lost our Marines about every four to six months, due to them not making mission or deliberately fucking things up out of desperation, because our county had the lowest success rate nationwide for completion of Initial Entry Training, first term of duty, and about everything else you can imagine. Army, Air Force, and Navy only had to worry about the kids until they shipped off for training, not through the IET process itself.

    The theory was, I suppose, that the way they did that would motivate Marine Recruiters to find better applicants. The way it worked out? Produced despair in the recruiters, because they just could not win. No matter how good the applicant looked on paper, the local population just didn’t produce any with real staying power, and they had a massive attrition rate in training. You’d walk by the Marine offices on the way to use the restrooms, and all you’d hear would be them begging their recruits to stay the course in training. These conversations, by the way? Usually late at night, when the kids were out of training. Marine recruiters hated Marine Drill Instructors, and the Drill Instructors hated the recruiters. You’d hear them arguing back and forth over the crap the Marine recruits were doing or failing to do, and it was tragicomic.

    Funniest shit I remember was the one Marine chick they enlisted, who was a superstar as a poolee. She’d probably been responsible for about four or five other kids in her small highschool joining the Marines, and the Marine recruiters lavished her with positive attention. Solid young lady, too–We’d tried recruiting her, but she wouldn’t hear of anything other than “Marine Corps”.

    That shit lasted until about week five of training, when she became the object of a Drill Instructor smoke session because she’d been one of the trainee leaders and the platoon of female Marines didn’t do something that she’d tried to get them to do that they were supposed to do, and the Drill Instructors used her as a ground-rod for the mass punishment. End of the smoke session, she’s got a seriously fucked-up lower back, and is eventually given a medical discharge. The Marine recruiters were livid, and blamed the Drill Instructors for what happened, which apparently was justified because the authorities at Parris Island actually prosecuted and shitcanned the responsible female Drill Instructor.

    Our former superstar young Marine female came home, and the fallout from that was twofold: The Marines never got another contract out of her old high school, so long as I had contact with the area, and they lost a swathe of poolees that just up and quit the Corps before they even left for training. The Marine recruiters all got fired because they couldn’t stop this from happening, getting all the blame for it.

    Also, that young female former Marine wound up joining the Army once she got very expensive surgery from one of the same guys that did sports medicine for the Bears. Which did the guy who was the Army recruiter for that high school a world of good, in terms of getting applicants.

    Recruiting sucks, in general, and it really, really sucks if you’re recruiting for the Marines. My deepest sympathies go out to those poor bastards, no matter that they’re Marines.

    Oh, and fuck USAREC. The time I spent working for those cretinous assholes were the worst years of my Army life, and damn near ended my career.

  3. Oh, and about those RE codes: The Marines use them a lot more than the other services, mainly because the other services aren’t about ruining people’s lives. I’ve seen cases where the Marines would give out derogatory RE codes because the guy getting them refused to reenlist, while that’s completely unheard of in other branches. You have no idea how hard it is to get that crap erased, either. We had a guy come in who wanted to join the Army with prior service from the Marine Corps, and his RE code was basically “kill on sight”. What did he do to get it, do you suppose? Told the Marines “No…” when he’d been asked to reenlist for his same shortage career field that they refused to promote him in, and, ohbytheway, his dad was dying of cancer so he wanted to be at home. His career field meant he’d almost certainly be overseas, and they refused to consider letting him be a Marine at the local Marine Reserve Center where there were not only jobs available for him, but actual outright shortage vacancies for which he’d gotten acceptance letters to fill.

    All that verified by seeing the actual paperwork, and talking to the Marine commander at the Reserve Center, BTW. Damn near took starting a Congressional investigation on the Marine Corps through the local Congressman to get all that fixed, and they were still resentful of being forced to do it.

    The varying degrees of “gay” thing, though? I’m not aware of actual facts, because that reg has been out of date for a lot longer than I was in the Army, but there used to be a difference between “Gay because you say you’re gay” and “Gay because we caught you fucking a boy in the ass”. That may be what is being alluded to, here. Maybe. The older regs are opaque as hell, they were often applied in ways that weren’t readily apparent from just reading them, and you almost have to talk to people who were around during the period to really get the whole “How did they apply this shit, back then…?” out of the whole thing.

    Homosexuality in the service was really a weird, weird deal back in the day. As in, really fucking weird. I’m straight, but completely unconcerned with what you do on your own time in your own bed. Not a lot of people were like that, back in the day, but do you know what I observed over the years? The ones who were most vocally “anti-faggot”, who claimed they spent their weekends up bashing gays in the clubs of Seattle? Do you know what they eventually did, when I later ran into them again? Yeah; most of them had come out of the closet as gay. And, they weren’t just a little gay; most of ’em were flamboyantly gay as fuck, as in wearing leather harnesses and ball gags at the local Pride Parade gay. So gay that other gays looked at them and said “Yeah, that guy’s too gay for me…”.

    Interestingly, Perry Watkins was a guy I met and BS’d with a little bit. He was notorious because he had told the Army back in 1967 that he was gay when they drafted his ass, they said “Yeah, right…” and drafted him anyway. He liked the Army just fine, did a good job, and reenlisted, telling them again that he was gay. Years later, the Army decided they had a problem with that, and chose to throw him out. He sued, and won, which I think was entirely justifiable. What was interesting about talking to him? Finding out just how many gays were in the Army, and how deeply embedded a lot of them were in the power structure. The hypocrisy was really outrageous, in that regard–You’d have all these guys talking shit about gays in the military and how they were unfit for service, and they were gay themselves. I think the real problem with it all is not the sex, but how the individual is handling it. With Watkins, he was a consummate professional at work, and I had no qualms about having him do things like my promotion packet (which was how I met him). Dude was solid, no-bullshit, no drama. Other gays I ran into, same period? Not so much… We had to get our NBC NCO out of the Army overnight because he’d been caught fucking our battalion personnel clerk in the ass one night, and after that little tidbit came out, a bunch of the junior soldiers came forth and started telling us all about how he’d been doing “weird things” in the NBC room with them on details, and supposedly pressuring them for sex.

    Still not too sure what the hell was going on with that–One of those junior soldiers came out as gay years later, and he basically later admitted that he’d been afraid of getting outed, and had lied his ass off about the whole deal.

    It’s kind of amazing how much people change over the years, and what sort of weird shit will come out when you’re able to see them over any length of time. I spent a huge chunk of my career at Fort Lewis, and you’d keep running into a lot of the same people because they’d get out of the Army and hang around the area. You’d run into them downtown where they’d gotten jobs, or whatever, start shooting the shit and bam, they’d say or do something that would be like getting a sledgehammer between the eyes. Only certainty I have anymore? People are fucking weird.

    • “What was interesting about talking to him? Finding out just how many gays were in the Army, and how deeply embedded a lot of them were in the power structure.“

      If you believe the rumors, the same thing is apparently true about the Roman Catholic Church in general and the Vatican specifically.

      I had female relatives who were Army Reserve just before DADT, and their take was that if the Army wanted to really get rid of the lesbians, they were going to lose half of the women right away.

      • Yeah, the shocking thing is how many “just folks” gays there were who blended into the background without anyone noticing, or caring.

        I’ve always felt that there were two major sorts of gay people out there in the population, with some minor variation: There were the sort who were “just gay”, and weren’t any different from the average normal heterosexual–They just happened to find the same sex attractive, not the opposite one. Then, there are the “gay because gay is transgressive, and that’s the most outrageous thing I can think of to outrage everyone around me”. A lot of this second group would drop the whole “gay” thing the minute it was no longer an issue to anyone else, and move on to something else equally transgressive and outrage-inducing. Which is pretty much what we see going on with the activist population.

        The most heartbreaking thing I ever saw was one of the second type, who’d gone years pissed at their parents because they were solid Christians who he’d assumed would disown him the minute he admitted to them he was gay. Thing was, when he finally came out, after making a massive and major production out of it all…? They embraced him, told him they loved him unconditionally, and supported whatever he did, and if it meant leaving their church, then so be it. The pastor was equally supportive, as was their entire congregation.

        I think you can guess about how that went… That asshole didn’t know whether to shit or go blind; he wanted to have people hate him because of his sexual choices, and when nobody did…? He didn’t know what to do, and he just made up shit out of the thin blue air to tell people about why he was estranged from his family. He wanted to be a martyr more than he wanted a relationship with his family or his family’s faith. Broke his mother’s heart, and pissed off his dad so badly that he did get disowned, once the tall tales he was telling about his family having rejected him got back to his dad.

        ‘Effing idiot.

        On the whole, if you wrap your entire identity around your sexual activities, whether you’re homosexual, heterosexual, or want to mate with pandas, you have a problem and it ain’t who you’re boinking. There’s way more to life than just sex, and to make that the center of your being is just… Wrong.

          • LOL… I know, right? Especially if they want you to film and/or join in…

            Which, while it’s nearly every straight male’s favorite fantasy, ain’t happening. If it is, start checking to see if you’ve stroked out and are actually dying, ‘cos that’s a hell of a lot more likely.

            That’s gotta be one of the biggest damn points of hypocrisy about the whole deal, right there–Average straight? They’re usually at least intrigued by the idea of the opposite sex doing same-sex shit, and T-totally unnerved by the idea of they themselves doing it. Friend of mine was all up for his girlfriend’s idea of a threesome, right up until he learned it was two boys, one girl she wanted. And, she wanted to watch the boys go at it, to boot…

            The look of utter abject horror on his face in the days after when you brought that crap up was priceless. I’m still not quite sure if she was serious about it, though… There’s a good chance she just wanted to freak him out after he suggested two girls, one guy would be fun.

          • Yeah, but how would you feel to get dumped after suggesting a three-way FFM? Same thing, isn’t it?

            Life is too short for all that drama, I think. About the time you start needing the whole chicken and not just the feather, it is past time to back off and re-evaluate your life path…

    • I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure that the Navy’s reputation for “teh gay” is really overblown. Supposedly, back in the 1980s, they did a big undercover investigation, and the force that actually had the most gays in it wasn’t the Marines or the Navy; it was the Air Force. Army was somewhere in the middle.

      There’s also a weird little deal with the way the branches differ in terms of who does what to wind up in the military prison system, and how it shifts over time. During the early 1980s and into the mid-part of that decade, most of the guys in the stockades were there for drugs, to the point where if you were in jail for anything else, you were the subject of commentary and getting pointed out as “that guy who actually did something…”. Later on, the drug use went down considerably, and most of the guys in the stockade were there for “regular crime”. But, you’d go over to do the prisoners-on-work-release-supervision tasking, and get to talking with the guards… And, find out that 90% of the Air Force prisoners were there for kiddy-diddling, and a lot for doing it with their own kids. That was… Disturbing. I don’t know if there was a wave of Air Force guys doing that crap, or if they got investigated for it more, or what, but I do know that for that period in the late 1990s, nearly all of the ones there at the Fort Lewis stockade were there for child sexual abuse of one sort or another. Some of them weren’t exactly low-ranking guys, either–One was a Lieutenant Colonel who’d been diddling his teenage stepdaughter.

      The services tend to attract different people who do different crimes, and why that is? No idea. And, as I said, it tends to shift as time goes on.

      • I just figured since the Navy always gets those kind of jokes and Marines constantly teasing the Navy they would have made up a joke out of it.

  4. A good thread, and I agree with Kirk, in my observation Gay people pretty much mirror the straight population.
    From Kiddy diddlers and rapists to wonderful people, across all strata of society and ranges of intelligence or education.
    Just people.


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