SOG RT Nebraska’s Odd Carbines


These two photos were shared in the SOG vet facebook group and it is pretty interesting. One, because its not a picture out floating around. Two because of their carbines. The carbines are mostly CAR-15 uppers on M16 lowers, or XM177s with fized M16 buttstocks swapped in place of the telescoping stock. I don’t know and there is no way to know unless a SOG armorer who did it or knew about it decides to get on the interweb and start talking about it. Which is highly unlikely.

There are other examples of this and I have read of at least once account of an M16A1 being chopped up to have a shorter barrel and not an actual XM177. Like many things with SOG, it will probably remain a mystery unless some SOG vet speaks up about how these came about and why.

I can only guess since the Indigenous team members preferred the shorter adjustable collapsing stock. Maybe the team One-Zero liked the storage in the buttstock for extra medical supplies, or the indig team members were superstitious and had to have a jade Buddha in the butt stock. It honestly could be something as simple as that.


  1. Grunt superstition back then was that the fixed stock was more reliable and depending on how strong that particular cult was locally, butt stocks were occasionally swapped out for that reason. However, I’d want to see better pics before giving too much credibility to the trap butt stocks being preferred because of the storage space, because those things came along kinda late in the process to have made it over there en masse. Or, anyway is what I saw toward the end of that unpleasantness. I could certainly be wrong about that, of course.

    There used to be on youtube a video of either 25th or maybe 9th Division (I forget which) sniper school and in part of it, you get a few seconds of somebody whacking away at the barrel of a 20″ upper with a hacksaw just forward of the front sight tower. I guess Bubba the Gunsmite got to go to Viet Nam too.

    Awesome pics, by the way. I wonder how many of the “little people” made it out……….

    • 1. I made up the storage space just to demonstrate that it could have been any reason, I never said it was the reason.
      2. SOG recon men were very familiar with the CAR15 and collapsing stock and tested the CAR15 to the point of absurdity, its highly doubtful that they thought the fixed stock was more reliable. its doubtful in the extreme that every other SOG recon man would have nothing but the best things to say about the CAR15 and the telescoping stock only for that one zero late in the war decide those guys experiences couldn’t be trusted.
      the use of ERDL camo and the 30 round magazines dates the picture firmly into the era where A1 stock had become commonplace

  2. Love seeing these. Like you say, Hard to figure what the reason would be without hearing from the source. Maybe repairs. Damaged the collapsible and weren’t able to get replacements. I wonder if it could be rattling? Although that seems unlikely.

    • are you using a VPN? I have had to manually approve every comment you make for weeks now. usually approving on comment lets the commenter’s post go live instantly after that.

  3. I saw an article online (probably an NRA publication) where John Plaster was talking about CAR-15s and he mentioned some people did put fixed stocks on CAR-15s but not why so that’s additional information that it was a known practice. I think some users preferred the handling of the fixed stock, or thought the smoother shape was less likely to snag on brush.

  4. I think it was the late Chuck Taylor who, years ago, wrote about previously chopping 20 inch barrels and and they worked fine. Also much better for getting in and out of vehicles.


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