Verily, you get what you pay for



  1. When I was a Range Safety Officer I saw it happen to a Ruger, either a Service Six or Security Six. Heard later it was a flaw in the steel and had missed a recall.

  2. I have seen that 2 or 3 times with Taurus revolvers. Twice with judges

    I haven’t seen it with a Ruger, but I did see a Smith havevtge barrel walk

  3. This should be used to extoll the virtues of revolvers for self defense. “I can keep blasting without a barrel – try that with your Tupperware wondernine!”

  4. The fact that “metallurgy is important” isn’t news to anyone who knows anything about guns.

    It is, however, news to those who want everything “cheaper, faster, better” all at the same time. You can have two of the three, any two of the three, but only two.

  5. That looks just like the model of turdrus that, brand new and I had to take a file to it to get the cylinder to close an rotate. I had a hunter that was trash and I good one. I presently DO NO OWN ANY TURDRUS’s….NOR WILL I!


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