They were not surprised by the FOOM

A close up shot of a Civil War cannon

This is a sad story, It’s sad because it could have had an awesome ending! No, we don’t get an explosion or two dead yankee dope heads. We don’t get to read about a bowling ball through a man’s chest or the local Catholic church window. We don’t get a picture of a canon peeled back like Elmer’s shotgun in a looney tunes cartoon. Once again the pigs ruined everyone’s fun.

Four men were busted in New Jersey while allegedly planning to shoot bowling balls out of a cannon — sending a bomb team rushing to the site, according to reports Thursday.

Daniel Galloway, 43, and three pals were allegedly spotted hauling the old-school weapon through a field on a trailer attached to a pickup truck in Vineland Saturday night after reports of a loud explosion in the area, according to

Police, aided by the Atlantic City Bomb Squad, searched the vehicle and found fireworks, along with a box of a powdery black “explosive chemical” and bowling balls, police said.

The men allegedly told cops they wanted to shoot the balls out of the cannon — though it wasn’t clear why, according to the Daily Journal.

Marijuana, two glass pipes and liquid THC were also found truck, according to the report.

Galloway, the driver, was charged with possession of a destructive device, drug possession and intent to distribute marijuana. Dominick Cappellari, 18, of Millville, was charged with possession of fireworks and drugs.

The two other men, Jonathan Holland, 28, of Vineland, and Anthony Polo, 18, of Port Norris, were hit with drug charges.

So much potential wasted Sad Panda.


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