New Otte Gear Products


Otte Gear makes some great stuff. I have bought some products from them this past year like the tiger stripe Aloha Now shirt you may recall.

OTTE Gear is proud to launch a collection of durable, comfortable, and innovative insulated jackets and everyday pants built for wherever daily life takes you – down range, work and out to dinner with the missus. We used premium Primaloft® Gold insulation, Patriot Lite fabric, MultiCam® patterns, Cordura® and the best trims out there. What you get is a pupu platter of bells and whistles in great looking lo-vis profiles.

Bob Keller of Gamut Resolutions has been road testing the new collection since early development.  

The collection includes 3 everyday lifestyle pants for the guy who likes adventure, appreciates a good, flexible fit, and maybe has a job that has him going prone.

There is the OG Capital Pant which is a ninja khaki; the Universal CL Pant, a truly hot lo-vis cargo; and the heavy duty but lightweight OG Range Pant, which is also available in MultiCam® and MultiCam® Black.

We are also introducing two new Primaloft® Gold insulated parkas: The Lo-Vis (LV) Insulated which is a great all-arounder parka, and the HT Insulated, a new generation of our Heat Tab parka.

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  1. 100-149 for a pair of pants seems a bit much to me,I get the Truspec for about a hair under 40 and have worked out great.During the winter here in the North East with said pants run the Chillis undergarments and am pretty damn cozy,really love the Chillis brand of undergarment.


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