I hate this kind of thing



Who buys this kind of thing? I can’t imagine buying a gun with a POTUS on it for any reason. Especially one who illegally banned a firearm accessory. Maybe if he had repealed the NFA, signed the hearing protection act and notional wide CCW reciprocity I could at least kinda understand. Oh well, it takes al kinds I guess.


  1. Ok, yes, he did ban bump stocks, let Kushner and his fellow Jewish friends make billions of dollars from government contracts and influence peddling, appointed SCOTUS judges who refuse to hear 2A cases while making it illegal to fire homosexual employees who steal money from their employer, gave BlackRock (run by Larry Fink and many other Jews, but surely that’s just another coincidence) control of US bonds and the economy, let Antifa murder white people in the streets and conduct political violence non-stop, gave billions of dollars worth of weapons and technology to one of the governments who planned and funded the murder of 3000+ Americans on 9/11 (Saudi Arabia) and let the destruction of Southern culture not only continue but accelerate via the removal and outright destruction of monuments and statues of Confederate war heroes, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, let Israel illegally annex the Golan Heights and is helping Jews on all fronts while White working class Americans get poorer and closer to a minority by the day.

    • Pretty sure a Netanyahu presidency would’ve been genuinely more American than a Trump one. At least he’d live in the actual capital of the USA.

  2. Collector’s item – possibly an aninvestment piece. Sometimes these kinds of things fetch a fancy price later. “I hate this particular person because blah blah blah” literally means nothing to someone who is certain this person is an avatar of the second coming. Whoever made it might be targeting someone that thinks Trump is the messiah. Reagan’s presidency was mostly defensible in my opinion, but there were still a few out there convinced his presidency was the antichrist (come and gone).

    • lol that is not a collectors item. Kimber probably made a shit ton of them. that will be as collectible as that flood of winchester 94s with every thing imaginable “engraved” on them


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