The .45 Automaster


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The 45 Automaster by Sunnyvale California mechanical engineer Paul Sokolovsky.

If ever there was a “white whale” of pistols, the Automaster would be it.  Often described in publications and advertisements as being “The Rolls Royce of auto pistols” they are mythical and come up for sale almost never.

There were reportedly only 50 made. Looking at pictures of most Sokolovsky Automasters, you can see on the left-hand side of the slide engraving which states “1st Edition No. X of 50.” Sokolovsky’s objective upon starting his design was to develop a pistol without any extra devices such as safety, slide stop, pins, screws etc. —he didn’t want anything protruding from the gun.

The safety is to the rear of the trigger on the right side and the magazine release it to the rear of the trigger on the left side. The pistol itself is HUMUNGOUS with a 6” barrel featuring a delayed blowback action and striker type firing pin mechanism. This example (2/50) is currently on Gunbroker with a starting bid 100k. I believe Rob Bianchin (owner of Cabot Guns) owns one.


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