Surfing for Dolphins


I feel like I’m an awful writer. All day, everyday, I think of stuff I want to write about, but then when I sit down to type I draw a blank.

Shortly before EASing, I had this idea that I wanted to make a comic strip about my and similar experiences in the corps.

Turns out I can’t draw for shit.

Needless to say I was/am very jealous when the Terminal Lance comic strip came out. It was interesting watching the phases it went though. From being careful when Max was worried about getting in trouble from it. Then when he was free of the corps he could show his bitterness and disgruntledness. Then money started coming in and he became motto and pro-corps.

I don’t even have the wit and humor of the marincrops comic.

I was going to post an except from their site, but instead I just spend half an hour reading it all.

Why not? Comics like these express the spirit of the corps just oh so well.

Let me be clear, my price is 2 million after taxes and I’ll say what every pro-usmc thing you want and act as motto 4as you want. I’ll even get a reverse horseshoe and wear my reflector belt with with more pride than the gays have in their rainbow flags. I’ll dismiss everything else I’ve said as mere jokes.

But until a check clears, I’m going to be honest.

I was going to write so much more. . . but I’m drawing a blank.

Future subjects. Drunks, Fight Clubs, hazing, food, interesting characters. Etc.



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