Gun purchases soar in The People’s Republik of Kalifornia amid COVID-19, violence concerns: study


About 47,000 Californians bought guns for the first time because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to researchers who also found a staggering amount keep their weapons locked, loaded and readily available.

The 2020 California Safety and Wellbeing Study looked at the impact the crisis has had on mental health and found a link between safety concerns and firearms purchases.

An estimated 110,000 people in the Golden State recently purchased firearms and did so because of the global health crisis, including the 47,000 new owners.

Meanwhile, 6.7 percent, or about 55,000, of total owners who store their guns loaded and not locked up resorted to doing so in response to the pandemic, the study found.

The study also included a July survey of 2,870 California adults ages 18 and up and found that “worry about violence significantly increased during the pandemic for all violence types except mass shootings.”

Well well, who could have predicted this?


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