S&W 686-3


Today from Karl 9 www.KGBcustom.com) is this nice 4 inch 686 with some very nice stocks.


  1. The 686s are magnificent guns and I used to own a 4″ 586, but I just prefer the K-frame balance and feel myself so I replaced it with a Model 19 because every home should have a .357 Magnum.

      • Yeah, a pretty sweet piece, but hard for me to relate to. In over 40 years of shooting I’ve only ever seen one Colt firearm in in Australia. That was a Diamondback revolver, about 15 years ago.

        It’s a weird thing. Everybody here owns Smith and Wessons. There’s quite a few Rugers, a handful of Manurhins, a guy at my club owns one of those weird Chiappa Rhinos, and I’ve even seen a Korth. But Colt? Nowhere to be seen.

        I’d sure like to shoot that Python of yours, eh. For most of that 40 years I’ve been hearing about the Python’s trigger and the fit and finish. Hopefully one day before I die.

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