U.S. gun sales soar amid pandemic, social unrest, election fears ( Media Shocked!)


She has since applied for a pistol permit and constantly hunts for increasingly scarce ammunition – making three trips weekly to a local Walmart. “They’re always out,” she said.

Like legions of other first-time buyers who are contributing to record sales for the U.S. gun industry this year, Garland’s decision to take up arms is driven in part by disturbing news about the coronavirus pandemic, social unrest over police killings of Black people and a potentially contested election that many fear could spark violence.

“With everything going on around us,” she said, “you see a need.”

Surges in U.S. firearm sales have in recent decades been predictably driven by events sparking fears of impending gun-control legislation, such as the election of a Democratic president or a spate of mass shootings, federal gun background check data show. Industry experts and academics who study gun ownership say such surges came largely among the gun-industry’s core base of white, male and politically conservative customers who often already owned one or multiple guns.

That market is widening this year to include a new rush of first-time buyers, including many women, minorities and politically liberal buyers who once would not have considered gun ownership, according to Reuters interviews with more than a dozen industry experts, academics and gun store owners.

“People who don’t normally think about firearms are being forced to contemplate something outside their universe,”



  1. One part of me sees that lots more people are seeing the light and buying guns and thinks that this is a good thing.

    Another part of me thinks that it’s too late for a lot of these people. The time to buy a gun is *before* things turn to shit so that you have time to develop skills with the weapon, stockpile ammo etc. A lot of these liberal dummies are gonna end up shooting themselves in the foot, or their wives in the night.


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