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My 3D printer has been extremely irrating these past couple of days. Makes me feel like getting rid of it and upgrading to a Prusa.

Still, I’m nearly done.

You can see the dents in my desk from working on that last lower. This one required very little post processing. The rear section feels very secure with just the two bolts. I wonder if the third angled bolt (not yet installed) is really necessary.

The ATF has put a 60 day hold on their Cease and Desist on the Q Honey Badger. It is likely they drew a little more attention than they wanted, and now they want to wait and see if the winds shift before they make their decision.

The GOP suddenly remembers there is an election coming up, and they need to start acting like they care about the stuff we care about.

The Home Defense and Competitive Shooting Act was introduced to removed SBRs from the NFA.

I’m sure this will go just as far as the Hearing Protection Act did.

I’d bet that if we elected the Republican’s into full control of the House, Senate, and White House, this bill still wouldn’t pass. If the Republicans were pro-gun, they would have introduced this bill in 2016.

That said, I’m going to message my reps to support it.


  1. You do realize that first picture is an 80% high caliber machine gun that takes extra capacity clipazines, according to some Congresscritters….

  2. Q suddenly taking significantly more orders than they can possibly fill in 10 years for that pistol. People that never even heard of it before this want it now.


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