1. “Common-sense” is an often misused and abused phrase. It’s actually a form of ad hominem in my opinion. In this case, it supposes that if you don’t think the way I do, you do not have common sense. I rarely use the phrase common-sense at people, because I believe insulting people that do not feel the way I do is bad practice. Common sense is probably more rare than most people would like you to believe, and its limits are that it is “common”, and therefore not especially useful for teaching someone. Common sense tells us that firearms are dangerous, because bullets come out of them at high speed and can injure someone accidentally if specific safety training hasn’t happened. That safety training is not common sense, because it takes into account all the mishaps that have happened before that caused injury or death. Someone had observed previous injuries and deaths happening and thought their way through the process of how that injury or death could’ve been avoided, then took the time to share that information with others via writing or orally to someone who wrote them down for the purpose of preventing needless misery. This is a genuinely important type of event that doesn’t always happen in among less mentally developed peoples.
    Freedom doesn’t sound like common sense. It is dangerous because it is possible that someone will use their freedom to act poorly. Most of the time, they will not enact evil in advanced societies of people that have freedom and are hoping for cooperation. Submission/oppression and freedom restriction of action is what you do to people that you know cannot behave themselves – like prison.


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