ANTIFA playbook “The Changeup”


A B-ARFCOM member has an interesting post tonight worth sharing

The reason for this post is to shed light on a by-design ANTIFA tactic.

Disclaimer: This information comes from undercover law enforcement currently working within ANTIFA. I was given permission to post this information as a potential lifesaving measure, but will be limited in any deeper information or what I can share that might serve to identify my sources or put open investigations at risk.

In order to fully understand this tactic, we must understand the cycle of terrorism for political change.

1) terrorist commits a terrorist act
2) public fear response
3) law enforcement/government overreaction
4) people dissatisfied with government and more angry/frightened
5) fringe elements of disenfranchised flock to join terrorist ranks
6) divide and conquer, remaining populace is weakened and terrorists gain more power
7) cycle repeats

ANTIFA isn’t out in the streets rioting and breaking shit in order to score maximum enemy casualties. That’s why we see them and have fantasies of easily wading through bodies when the time comes.

This isn’t a stand-up fight. It never will be. This is a fucking bug hunt.

Instead, ANTIFA provokes and prods, slowly escalating and daring the police and citizens to hit back. They want a perceived overreaction on camera that they can show to America and draw more retards to their cause.


When police and citizens get down to work and start kicking ass it is a beautiful thing. But ANTIFA thinks it will make them stronger.

If they can use lawfare to make government crackdowns negatively affect normal citizens, they win.

Enter “The Changeup”. No I didn’t come up with the name. The name and the tactic are widespread enough in ANTIFA circles that it’s safe to use it without burning my sources.

Elements of The Changeup:

1) provoke a citizen into going hands-on or preferably drawing a weapon on an ANTIFA
2) Kill said citizen
3) get it on camera
4) do it in a way that results in shooting deemed justified

Goals of The Changeup:

1) kill a “right-wing racist”
2) sow distrust between right-wing and law enforcement/government when shooting deemed justified
3) create fear in ordinary citizens to prevent them from interfering with future ANTIFA rallies/riots
4) influence gun policy -particularly stand your ground laws and CCW to negatively affect right-wing gun nuts (common example in ANTIFA discussions is to prevent another Trayvon Martin)
5) Draw more fringe elements to ANTIFA cause by possibly holding up a victim

It’s important to note here that the ANTIFA worldview and rhetoric plays into this tactic. In particular, they see us as violent cowboys and American gun laws as unfairly influenced to give gun owners license to wander around shooting people of color. Their simplistic and erroneous view of self-defense law in general informs their tactics.

In order for this to be maximally effective, they have to force a situation where the citizen is the aggressor.

Also to note that while this fits the legal definition of a conspiracy, it’s because ANTIFA commies are collectivists, they take a team approach to this shit. It shouldn’t be discredited as a reptilian whack theory just because someone said “conspiracy”

1) Agitator- this is the hype man that gets in your face and acts like an asshole
2) Citizen -that’s you. Ideal target is white, male, armed, wearing patriotic apparel, and clearly there to oppose ANTIFA
3) Samaritan – since the Agitator may be perceived as starting the fight, the Samaritan must be the one to end it
4) The Observer – someone ANTIFA aligned to document and release pictures/video that shows the civilian as the aggressor and exonerates both the Agitator and Samaritan as within their legal rights

How it Works:

1) Agitator starts a confrontation in a public and non-dynamic environment (not a running battle or march where the video is dicey -they want a clear visual and sound byte for the news)
2) Citizen takes the bait – in particular, they want someone to raise a firearm
3) Agitator may at this point utter a code phrase or call for help. (more on this later)
4) Observer begins filming if they haven’t already
5) Samaritan moves in from flank or behind and kills Citizen

The narrative is that the Samaritan observed Citizen was about to kill/harm the Agitator and acted in defense of the Agitator who, while an asshole, did nothing illegal and only exercised his free speech against racists. All of this is backed up by the Observer’s very lucky perfectly framed video evidence.

Case Studies:

It seems that the chosen code phrase has been “shoot me n****r!” in both of these incidents. Fortunately, while both ultimately ended in shootings, neither went according to plan resulting in a successful “Changeup” nor accomplished the narrative shifting goals of this play. Mostly because this whole play sucks and Agitators jumped the gun, Samaritans either held back (Kenosha) or were prevented from “defending” Agitator and decided to go loud when confronted (Denver)


Agitator -Joseph Rosenbaum seen jumping around trying to get multiple patriots to fight him shouting “shoot me n****r” over and over
Samaritan – Joshua Joseph Ziminski aka Alex Blaine – seen milling around near Rosebaum during his Agitator act with handgun drawn. Appears to say something to Rosenbaum at one point.
Citizen -no one takes the bait, “The Changeup” is abandoned – Agitator and Samaritan move on to mayhem resulting in Kyle shooting Rosenbaum in self-defense (NOT a Changeup play)
Observer -unknown, possibly Ziminski’s wife who can be seen in the crowd


Agitator – Jacob Lebron Kelly -prominent shit-stirrer, utters “shoot me n****” code word as Lee engages with him
Samaritan – Matt Doloff -moves to assist Agitator who has uttered code word. It’s go time
Citizen -Lee or others in his group. whoever the Agitator gets to make a move. Lee notices Matt moving in and moves to block him from the group -Matt Shoots Lee dead in scuffle
Observer – 9News team -gets Matt shooting Lee, but fails to get a confrontation where Matt saves Kelly from Citizen assault.

Some of this is my interpretation when viewed through the lens of “The Changeup” play that was created and attempted by ANTIFA on at least these two occasions.


ANTIFA is trying for a “justified” defense shooting to kill patriotic citizens, ruin our morale, and weaken the public perception of CWP and stand your ground laws harming lawful gun owners.

Be very careful when engaging with a loud-mouthed ANTIFA shit-stirrer. Watch their eyes and check your six. They may have abandoned or altered this play. But you could very well have an ANTIFA Samaritan moving in on you in hopes you will “fuck around and find out”.

End public service announcement.


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