More 3D printing guns


I was surfing the web and I came across a picture of this:

This is the Anderson Wildfire, a 3D Printable AR15 lower designed to use standard parts, including take down pins.

I find it interesting the design changes to make it more successfully printable.

Unfortunately with this design, you would have to remove one of the screws to pivot a side reinforcing plate in order to disassemble the gun. I also read that this lower is lacking in rigidity. Still, I decided I was going to print one.

UNTIL. . .

The very next day I found out that a new and improved version had been designed and released.

The Anderson Hellfire.

I found out that the data package is over on Keybase and I went and downloaded it and looked at the design.

Lower design aside, the documentation and design files of this project are superior to most every business and professional project I have worked on or seen.

I had to make one.

Now, just a quick word of warning. The main model in the Hellfire is designed as fully freedom. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you might want to print the alternative, semi-free model.

The Wildfire, and the Hellfire lowers are printed in several parts. Partially due to limitations in 3d Printer capabilities, to maximize the strength of the parts, and to make it easy to replace broken parts.

As an attempt to better secure the area where the buffer tube screws into, the Hellfire uses two bolts to hold it on to the rest of the lower, and a third bolt to (uniquely as far as I know) put tension on the top left while the bolts hold in compression on the bottom and bottom right.

I have no idea how good it will work, but let us give it a try.

Tally Ho!



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