2020 Ky Squirrel Hunting 10-9-20


Went hunting last Friday. I shot one from an absurd distance with the 16 gauge. It knocked it off one tree and it grabbed hold of another and scampered off. No doubt hit hard enough to knock it’s breathe out but that’s about it. It was every bit of 50 yards. I only tried it because I have pulled shots like that off before in the past.

Did walk up on this guy enjoying the sun on a cool day. We went out different ways. They can be very aggressive acting when they have a mood to be. Very spooky when one gets chasing you to run you off. That is all they can do though. They are about as dangerous as a gnat crawling up an elephant’s ass with rape on it’s mind.

Saw this weird mushroom growing on a tree. No idea what this thing is or if it was edible or not.


  1. mushrooms are a pain to identify. Both parents did edible plants classes in the 80s and I tried learning form them and books when I was a kid. there’s so many variations on the shrooms and the effects they have that the rule of them was to just ignore them. Shame. they can be so plentiful at times.


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