Media Narrative About Denver Shooter Falls Apart



The shooter, identified as Matthew Doloff, has been charged with first degree murder in the shooting of the Patriot Prayer demonstrator at the Denver Civic Center on Saturday. He has been booked into the Denver jail system.

Booking entry, via Big League Politics

Doloff was identified by a unique “space invaders” tattoo on his wrist, which has been associated with ‘Rosa Antifa Wien.’ According to Big League Politics, he has expressed support for BLM in Denver recently and appears to be a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter.


  1. What’s the DA situation in Denver like? This guy could easily walk, or just get a slap on the wrist like disturbing the peace.

  2. First, they need to prove that he worked for Pinkerton. My guess is that he was not an employee of theirs, at all, and that the media assholes just claimed he was. Likely, he was liaison/assistant to the media provided by Antifa.

    The people who need to be worried are the ones who own the media outlets, because they’ve got the deepest pockets and are the most likely to be held responsible for this guy’s actions.

    Interesting times. I believe we just ratcheted one more click to outright war in the streets between these assholes, and I include all of them on both sides. Those of us in the middle are going to have to choose sides, and join in, or we’re going to be run over by the nutters of both varieties. I got yelled at today by assholes on the opposing side from BLM/Antifa, whatever the hell we’re calling them, and they were pissed because I wasn’t out being an idiot with them.

    Where I’m at is saying “A pox on all their houses…”, because I think these idiots are leading us down a path they simply don’t understand, or know where it is going. Revolution and counter-revolution is ugly stuff, and while I hope we unwind from it the way we did after the Vietnam war, I suspect that this generation of idjits is going to find that very hard to do.

    There’s a huge number of assholes in this country, right now, and they’re on a collision course. Civil discourse seems to be impossible for them, and the identity politics is murderous. I’ve developed the attitude that they can all go to hell, and I’m just going to keep minding my own business.

    Shit goes really south? No idea what I’m doing about it all, but I am emphatically not trusting either set of idiots. Trump should have come in back in 2017 with a broom, and fired the entire national security cadre along with most of the DOJ. The fact that he didn’t, or wasn’t able to tells me that the real problem isn’t the Democrats or the Republicans, it is the entrenched unelected bureaucrats running Washington DC in cahoots with the establishment types on both sides.

    • Pinkerton has released a statement saying that Dolloff didn’t work for them. Dolloff has no record of having a security/guard license in Colorado. The reporter for 9News has been labelled in past Tweets by BLM types as “one of us.”

      As more people dig into this, it is appearing as though the 9News station hired a thug to shoot people and create a story.

      As I have told people repeatedly, especially dim-bulb women on the left, revolutions/civil wars are not fought according to Marquess of Queensbury rules. They, being female, don’t even have a remote clue what those are. Then I have to explain the metaphor – that, unlike boxing, or even MMA, street fights have no rules. Not only is kicking someone square in the nuts legal, so is hitting them upside the head with a axle shaft.

      Then I also point out that in revolutions/civil wars, unattached women are passed around like trading cards, sold off for profit or just plain killed after they’ve been used. Then the whining starts: “But that’s illegal!”

      “It would be, you dumb moronette, if you hadn’t just wrecked the legal structure. To quote your hero, Mao, ‘all political power emanates from the barrel of a gun’ and you don’t seem to have one, or know how to use one, do you?”

      (Insert looks of slowly dawning clue here)

      My hope, if we end up having things get spicy, is that white, college-educated females, both on the street and in political offices, get what they claim they want – good and hard. Ultimately, this crap is to be laid at their feet.

      • Couldn’t agree more. The destruction of the US started back with the twin evils of the 17th and the 19th Amendments to the Constitution.

        One destroyed the ability of state governments to influence the federal level, and made Senators too beholden to public opinion. They were supposed to be a brake on things, and the voice of the states.

        The other? LOL… Don’t get me started. There are a lot of women who don’t vote their emotions and are extremely rational and cold-blooded about things. However, there are far more who are emotional little basket-cases that do not think past their first emotional reaction to things, and who will go for the pretty-pretty boys every time. This group, when coupled with the usual male idiot, means that the majority is always teetering on the edge of insanity, when you look at the vote.

        I think Trump is either going to win in a massive, massive landslide election, or we’re going to see a huge “WTF?” moment. There is no enthusiasm for Biden/Harris that I can see–Even the semi-loons won’t put up their signs willingly, and the only people I see putting them up are really super-loony Democrats who think that they’re about to be herded onto the trains for the death camps…

        A lot of what I see going on seems to be media gaslighting everyone, along with the big-city idiots doing their usual big-city idiot things.


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